October IOTM  Winner 2017

QKS Ltd have been announced as Atlas’ October winner of the ‘Installation of the Month’ competition, winning £200 worth of Screwfix vouchers and £50 Majestic Wine vouchers.

Installation 1

Working their installation magic yet again, QKS have transformed a traditional 1950s family house into a stunning, urban property featuring 2 Atlas flat rooflights.

Situated in the beautiful town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, the homeowners had recently purchased the property which was in dire of renovating. As a family with young children, they wanted to add some life into the house and make it an inviting home where their children could grow up in.

Approaching the award winning installer, the homeowners expressed their desire for extra living space that would be big enough for all of the family to relax in at the same time and that would also be environmentally safe for their children.

Wanting to give them as much living space possible, QKS designed an extension that would feature an open plan kitchen where they could cook, live and entertain in just one area. Large bi-folding doors were installed allowing them to move freely between the inside and outside.

Two differently sized Atlas flat rooflights were installed to maximise the natural light above the island area, making it a key feature within the kitchen. Its minimalistic design blends the modern and traditional styles together seamlessly, adding a subtle contemporary edge to the property. With a modern living space to relax in, self cleaning glass was chosen for the flat rooflights to ensure the homeowners could enjoy their sky views without the hassle of having to continuously clean them.

The best looking roof on the market

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