Our Regular range comes with the same stylish profile but includes additional rafters on each plane.
  • 60% slimmer internal ridge than alternatives
  • 38% slimmer internal hip than alternatives
  • Over 50% lower external bulk
  • Tested up to a uniformly distributed load of 3.5 KN/m2
  • Structural ringbeam supplied with
    Atlas lantern roof kits doesn’t rely on the structural stability of the builders kerb on-site
  • Pressure plated system for extra security
Superior thermal performance
  • Thermal break in ridge and rafters prevents cold getting to the inside
    of the rafter 
  • Industry leading ridge and rafter
    U Values
  • U Value on ridge and rafters as low as 0.95 W/m2K
  • U values in double glazing 1.2 W/m2K as standard and as low as 1.0 W/m2K on request
  • Best U Value available for triple glazing
    0.5 W/m2K. Note: longer lead times
Fitter Friendly
  • No need for excess silicone at the connections to keep water out
  • Ensures a fast high quality installation
Design detail -
The architect’s choice
  • Variable pitch options available
  • Roof proportionately correct with ridge and hips all 40mm
  • Stock lanterns 25 degrees. Variable pitch available on standard lead time


1000 x 2000
1500 x 2500
2000 x 3000
2000 x 4000


Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey/White


Self Clean Solar Blue
Self Clean Solar Neutral

Glass. More than meets the eye.

As standard, Atlas roof glass will be specified to combine heat reflection and thermal insulation utilising Low-E softcoats and Solar control combination coating, with warm edge spacers and argon gas filled cavity. This specification controls the amount of visible light, UV and heat that passes through the glazed unit. Destructive UV rays are reduced by up to 91% with the correct glass specification, thus reducing fading of furniture and fabrics from sun damage. With self-cleaning technology as standard, our glass will require less maintenance.

Solar control glass

This intelligent glass reflects over 60% of the sun’s solar energy, preventing conservatories and rooms with our Roof Lanterns from becoming unbearably hot in summer. Solar glare is reduced too, creating a beautifully ambient environment.

A combination of low emissivity inner glass and argon gas filling means the Atlas solar control glass reduces the thermal transmission by half compared to ordinary double glazing, which reduces energy costs and keeps glazed roof rooms warmer in winter.

Available in Self-Cleaning Solar Neutral and Self-Cleaning Solar Blue. Glass can be upgraded to Sunshield blue which reflects up to 82% of the sun’s solar energy and triple glazing is available to improve centre pane U values down to 0.5W/m2k

Self-cleaning glass

Both our Solar Blue and Solar Neutral Glass have a special self-clean coating with a microscopic film, our self-cleaning glass helps daylight and rainwater break-down, enabling dirt and grime to simply wash away.

The self-cleaning technology uses both rain and UV light from the sun to efficiently combat dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window, reducing the need for manual cleaning.

Available in Self-Cleaning Solar Neutral and Self-Cleaning Solar Blue.

Technical Specification

High technology solutions for today’s roofs.

All Atlas roof double glazed units incorporate toughened safety glass and are manufactured to the highest British and European Standards, accredited to BS EN 1279 parts 2 & 3 and BS EN 12150.

Technical Downloads

Lantern Installation Guide

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